IFO Founder’s Message

Message from LaJuana

We are very excited about all the international students who will be studying in Central Arkansas this year. It’s our desire that you have a rich and rewarding experience and that you will come to feel that Arkansas is your “home away from home.”

Although living and studying in a foreign country is a great adventure, it can also be confusing and sometimes lonely. From the time that you step off the airplane in Little Rock, until the time that you say goodbye to Arkansas, we want to be your friend. In fact, we want to be your “forever friend.”

IFO offers many things to help make your time in Arkansas a wonderful experience. Things like airport pickups/First Friends, temporary housing as needed, special events, holiday hospitality, help with English skills, American Friendship Partners, and much more. Our Friendship Partner program is what we value most. Please take a minute to look over information about living in America, the state of Arkansas, American culture and the Christian faith, for those who are interested. Please feel free to contact us and get involved. We provide all this with you in mind.

LaJuana Magee, IFO Founder and Retired Director

International Friendship Outreach