Conway Location

Message from Miseon

Welcome to IFO Conway!

Loving Americans and amazing students from all over the world make Conway a wonderful place to live.
Many international students enrich Americans’ lives by introducing their own culture. Americans help students adjust to this new culture while meeting their practical needs. Some relationships are like parents and children and others are like great friends. We often hear stories of friendships continuing even after international students return to their home countries. We want to be your “Forever Friend”.

We work with international programs of colleges in Conway to provide the best experience for international students. New students to UCA can contact UCA International Engagement, who in turn, will contact us so that we may give you a place to stay before the dorms open.

Our main events are Welcome meals, Conversation club (6 times a semester), Petit Jean Mt. Hike and picnic, Blanchard Spring Cavern trip, and Christmas party. Conversation club is a great place for Americans who are interested in being a friend with international students and for international students who want to meet Americans as well as other international students. IFO brings people together. We invite you to come join the fun.

Mi-seon Seong, Conway Director

International Friendship Outreach