We offer a number of on-going activities designed to help you become acclimated to living in America and the Central Arkansas area. These activities provide an excellent way to become acquainted with local Americans and other internationals.

Holiday Hospitality

rodeo_2008_145The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are special occasions which Americans traditionally celebrate with both family and friends. The campus will be closed and most students will go home for the holidays. For internationals, this can potentially be a lonely time.

You may want to accept an invitation to spend these days with an American family. Learn why and how we observe these holidays and experience American culture during these special times of the year.

If you would like to spend the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays with an American family, you may e-mail IFO for more information.

Special Dinners & Parties

Valentines CelebrationThroughout the year, we will sponsor special dinners, parties, and game nights. We also get together to go to movies, to go bowling, and to enjoy other special events and trips. Check often at our News & Events page to see what’s coming up and to view photos from past events.

If you want to be informed in advance about the dates and times of these special events, you may add your name and e-mail address to our Friendship List.

Discussion Groups on the Life & Teachings of Jesus

If you would like to investigate Christianity, explore the Bible, or learn about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ without pressure or obligation, we offer discussion groups to help you with any questions that you may have.

Please email us at: In your message, tell us that you would like to sign up for one of our discussion groups. Please give us your name, country and any contact information.

Who Is JesusWe discuss questions such as:

“What is the meaning of life?”
“Who is Jesus?”
“Is there really a God, and if so, how does he feel about us?”

You do not have to be a Christian to attend.